My first TWD Disaser: Black Crème Brûlée

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'd been dreaming of making this dessert for the last couple of weeks and I finally did get to it. It was going to be a cardamom-orange-saffron infused creme brulee. It was going to be perfect (lol). Too bad I somehow misread the oven temp as 200 celsius rather than 200 fahrenheit (90 celsius). And I was wondering how could it possibly not burn at that temperature while not being baked in a water bath! And I was quite surprised by the burning smell about 35 minutes into baking ... I was not going to even check on it until a quarter of an hour later if not for the smell.

You live and you learn.

I think I actually will try to make this again, someday.


Jaime said...

awww - i hope you do try it again, at 200F!

SiHaN said...

oh shucks.. don't worry..i made blunders like that before. Even setting the oven to the grill mode to bake my cake. It was sure a tear jerker. Anyway..better luck next time!

Marthe said...

O, that's too bad!! You should really try and make this again some time!!

Barbara said...

Oh, too bad!