Hello Kitty Cake... Day 2

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well, I baked the cake, froze it then "carved" a hello kitty face shape. It was my first carving experience and I guess I should have let the cake defrost a bit (the knife almost breaking was my indication).

I made a white chocolate whipped ganache to cover the cake.

This is the final result:

Jaundiced Hello Kitty (or tanned hello kitty? You decide!)

The cake tasted very good (but a bit dry), but the icing was so-so. I blame the low-quality white chocolate I used which didn't even taste good to start with.

And with the cake scraps I made .... Cake Pops!
Too bad I forgot to take a photo. I crumbled the leftover cake and mixed it with the leftover icing. Tasted bland so I added a bit of caramel flavoring. Tasted like it needed hazelnuts (!) so I added some roasted ground hazelnuts. Yum!
They were first rolled, poked into the ends of small skewers then chilled.
Finally they were dipped in chocolate then served. They came out very "fudgey" but very tasty! I will certainly try making these again in other combinations!


Sonya said...

What an adorable cake! I think it looks great:)

Qataria said...

Well, thank you!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks nice...my toddler loved it and she wants that for her next birthday..What better than a judgement by a toddler :)

Marthe said...

Welcome to TWD!! Your Hello Kitty Cake is soooo cute!

Tami said...

Your cake is very cute! You are very resourceful using the scraps for cake pops! Caramel and Hazelnuts..YUM!

SiHaN said...

oh gosh.. that looks son terribly cute! i've got to garner enough courage to carve my cakes someday.

Jaime said...

awww what a cute cake!

Qataria said...

Thanks everyone :)
Glad you liked it!